[200q20v] Praises to all things Quattro

Tomsaudi200 at aol.com Tomsaudi200 at aol.com
Fri Mar 9 01:45:27 EST 2001

I know all of this is old hat to you guys, but since this is my first 
Quattro, I'm just in awe of how incredible this car is in inclement weather. 
I managed the snow storm up here in New England with no problem. It was like 
driving on dry pavement. Only under braking on local roads I felt the ABS 
kick in.

My other Audi, a 1995 90, is just front wheel drive, I always considered good 
in the snow, but I never had any idea what a difference a Quatttro makes. 
When I have the money, some day I hope to upgrade that car to an A4 Quattro 
for my wife, but don't get me wrong, I do love the 90. 

As for the 200, in the snow I have only one beef, but it is no fault of the 
car itself. The car has a new factory replacement windshield, but it was not 
sealed properly. When it snows really, really hard, water drips down the 
inside of the windshield. This also happens when I go to a carwash. Also, 
when it is humid, or I have another person in the car with me, the windows 
fog up almost instantly, and I need to have the defrost on max just to see 
out of the car. Neal, if you are listening, can the dealer fix this for me? I 
am loathe to call Safelite as they have botched jobs on another car I had.

91 200 20V Quattro
95 90

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