[200q20v] Alternator Replacement

Glen Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Fri Mar 9 08:25:04 EST 2001

5000TQ Avants came with the 90 Amp alt, the 5000TQ sedans came with the 110.
The Avant is famous for draining the battery and killing batteries
prematurely. Audi had a tech bulletin to install a smaller diam pulley on
the 90 Amp alt to spin it faster, what a kludge! Always had problems with
the battery in ours - BTDT.

Go with the 110 Amp.



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I would not replace the 110 amp alternator with the 90A one.
Anyway, the brackets are different, so it wouldn't work. Are
you sure the mechanic knew what he was talking about and had
done the 110A -> 90A conversion before?

My cars uses so much juice while driving that there's no way
I'd want a lower output alternator. If anything, I'd like
something on the order of a 150A alternator.

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