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At 10:32 PM 3/8/2001 -0500, C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
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> > Why not just slop body undercoating on it to damp the resonant vibrations?
> >  >
>As I recall, someone on the 20v list a year or so ago was injecting silicon
>or other caulk to their strut bar to reduce just that...
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Found the following messages from Rick Zehr on the old 20v boldfish server....

                              Wed, 19 May 1999 18:47 EDT
                              rzehr at pacbell.net
                              Jamex front strut brace mounting

                       I suggest using epoxy to fill the spaces between the 
flat brace mount
                       and the curved wheel-well top, i.e. glue it down 
solid when you mount
                       it, to spread the stresses on the wheel-well top. If 
you are Really
                       fanatical about it, weld it in place, although 
welding to the sheet
                       metal there carries some risk...

                       Rick Zehr

                              Mon, 29 Mar 1999 19:39 EST
                              rzehr at pacbell.net
                              front brace installation

                       I doubt that you will have to move anything to 
install the front brace,
                       as there is quite a bit of adjustability in the bar, 
due to the ends and
                       bends. This may vary by car, due to routing of 
various lines, etc.

                       The one bit of advice I can give is to screw in the 
end-pieces all the
                       way and take up all of the play with the center 
                       adjustment. If doing over it, I'd also set the tower 
brackets in with
                       some epoxy putty for strength.

                       In my quest for vibration damping, I took an old 
bicycle inner tube and
                       stretched it over the entire alum. bar, except for 
the center adjuster -
                       didn't do much, but I like the cosmetics better than 
the bright
                       aluminum. You might consider filling the bars with 
caulk for damping
                       (after getting everything adjusted in place), which 
did help a small

                       Also, don't be surprised when you get the brace - 
the pieces that bolt
                       to the towers were sprayed orange...

                       Rick Zehr

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