[200q20v] 20 Years of Quattro poster?

Mark Trank MTrank at exch.co.albemarle.va.us
Fri Mar 9 12:05:32 EST 2001

Talk about an awesome poster........I recently acquired one of the last of
the signed lithographs done by an artist with Car and Driver (?) and signed
by Hurley Haywood, Hans Stuck, Walter Rohrl and Frank Biela.  This has the
Sport Quattro S1/Pikes Peak, Trans-Am 200, A4, V8 DTM, 80 Quattro 16V and
competition.  It wasn't cheap but was discounted nicely and is a beautiful

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On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Phil Rose wrote:

> At 10:31 AM -0500 3/9/01, C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
> >
> >
> >Yes, very nice, but some strange errors.
> >from memory:
> >The "sport quattro" is just the normal quattro;
> >the "coupe gt" isn't a quattro at all
> >some mislabelling of the 90/V8 racers.
> >Chris
> I thought the poster looked a bit on the bland side, from a graphics 
> design standpoint. Too bad there was no depiction of the 200q20V 
> series (although isn't a 20V engine in there with the RS2 avant?).

Maybe they didn't want to re-invoke memories of the 5000 series body and
the whole UA debacle, so our poor but awesome 200q20v's were slighted..

'91 2cq

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