[200q20v] Don't replace that alternator!

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> When you repair a component, there's always the risk that some other part
> it will fail.  I've had a few Audi and/or Quattro specialists tell me that
> it's risky on all alternators, without specifying that any particular one
> worse.  On the other hand, for those of us on a budget, $35 and two hours
> easy, but the cost of outright replacement requires adjusting the budget.
> I'm not like that on seriously risky repairs.  When having the T-belt
> changed, I always have the water pump changed.  The damaged due to a
> is too high to risk.  The alternator seemed like low risk, since the
> remaining parts that tend to go bad give you some warning before they go
> (bearing noise).
> If I had the budget, I'd replace with new or rebuilt, but if I had that
> of budget, I'd be driving a notably newer Quattro!
> So - 18 months on it and it's still going.  This alternator, BTW, has 145k
> miles on it.  It's the 90A version.  If the bearings go tomorrow, then
> be a statistic that says "replace it!".
> Dave
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> >Oliver,
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> >Unless that shop REALLY knows the 200 Quattro, they might have
> mis-diagnosed
> >the problem.  I'm a little surprised nobody else has mentioned this up to
> >this point, because the topic's been discussed here by several people who
> >were taken for an alternator when they didn't need one.
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> >Good advice.  BTW, I did mention this stuff in my reply yesterday...
> >Chris
> As to whether to fix or replace--What about the alleged "fact"--cited
> to me by a couple of different independent Audi wrenches--that the
> 115 amp Bosch alternators are not built to the same standard of
> durability as their 90 amp version? Hence, they claim to often
> encounter additional failure modes in the 115 amp alternators fairly
> soon after doing the quick fix with brushes and regulator, whereas
> they claim that those repairs on the old 90 amp alternators seem a
> more satisfactory fix (longterm).
> Fact or fiction? I don't know, but hearing that same story from two
> people I trusted made me decide to go ahead and replace my 120 kmile
> alternator (after I was convinced in the correctness of the basic
> diagnosis). I suppose it gets down to a question of expectations (how
> long will you keep the car) and resources.
> Phil
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