[200q20v] AC belt.....!

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Fri Mar 9 14:11:01 EST 2001

At 10:00 AM 3/9/2001 -0700, Brian.Link at Level3.com wrote:
>Okay am I missing something,
>I'm in the process of changing my drive belts,
>PS pump belt 10 mins to remove,
>Alt belt 5 mins to remove
>AC belt ...(5) bolts to remove, and I just barley got the belt off the car.
>I measure the new belt same size, but I can not get the new one on.  The AC
>compressor is hitting the oil pan, and I can not get it to move enough to
>get the belt on.  Should I be looking in my bicycle tool box for tire
>Any advice???
>Brian Link
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your're right about the tight fit...
try this...

put the belt around the crank pulley and on the top edge of the A/C pulley.
Then use a socket to turn the crank pulley...which will force the belt to 
go around the AC pulley and set it.


Peter Schulz
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