[200q20v] Don't replace that alternator!

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Mar 9 14:14:52 EST 2001

At 10:17 AM -0700 3/9/01, david_haupt at agilent.com wrote:
>When you repair a component, there's always the risk that some other part of
>it will fail.


>So - 18 months on it and it's still going.  This alternator, BTW, has 145k
>miles on it.  It's the 90A version.

That was my whole point: your advice and good experience is based on 
the 90 amp alternator. Others, who have seen a significantly higher 
failure rate for the110 amp version, advise that its repair is of a 
more dubious value--especially if one has to pay a shop for parts and 
labor. Sure, if one has the personal time, skill and facilities, the 
brush/regulator replacement is the way to go. As I said, it's a 
matter of expectations and resources.

Phil Rose
Rochester, NY
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