[200q20v] How to access the door lock?

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The trick with the allen screws is to unscrew them from the tightened
position no more than 10 turns. Count ten turns on all three and then just
rock the arm rest off. Push down and then up on the edge of it, it will come
out. Then look at how they work closely, and then they have to be seated
back where they need to go on the bracket when you tighten them up. You'll
have to push hard and rock them, if they are ten turns loose, it will be

They are actually a great design once you figure out how to put them on and
off. Should take no more than about ten minutes to take a door arm rest
off/on once you do it the first time......now that could take you???? (it
took me a long time as I recall!)

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> Well last Saturday I tried to fix the door lock on my 91 200q avant,
> my confidence having been bolstered by experience gained on my 86 5kcstq,
> of which the front door panel I could remove and put back in 15 minutes.
> One hour later all I managed was to have removed exactly THREE phillips
> screws and have "allegedly" loosened three allen screws in the armrest.
> The inner panel remained attached to the door, firmly as ever.  At that
> time the rain started coming down, and I scrambled to put everything
> back.  And that was that.
> Either the pertinent info was too well hidden in the Bentley or I am
> just too dumb to understand it - perhaps both, actually.  Specifically,
> I consulted Bentley manual volume two:
>   sections 57.xx on Body - Front Doors and
>   sections 70.1-70.7 on Trim - Interior (on front doors)
> So here are my questions:
> (1) I DO have to remove the inner door panels to gain access to the locks,
>     don't I?
> (2) If the answer is YES to (1), then which sections of Bentley have the
>     real instructions on how to do it (removing inside door panels)?
> Any other pointers and tips?
> Thanks
> -Alex Lee
>  San Jose, Calif.
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