[200q20v] Air Filter Blues

Neil Vonhof nhv at citylinq.com
Fri Mar 9 18:26:15 EST 2001

I have been trying for 6 weeks to buy a K&N Air Filter. I
have been dealing online with Martel Brothers Performance. Per the data
base, I ordered Air Filter #33-2003. First try, they shipped the wrong
filter in the wrong box (33-2002). Second try they shipped the wrong
filter, but it was in a correctly labeled box (the box was labeled
33-2003, but the filter in the box was a 33-2033). Third try, today I
got the right filter in the right box, but now I find that the 33-2003
is the wrong filter for my car.
My car:
1991 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro 20 valve engine with DOHC.
K&N site says that the air filter for my car is a 33-2003 and Martel
agreed with this when I spoke with them by phone after the "First try."
The dimensions of the air filter that is currently in the car are
approx. 12" x 7 3/16"
The dimensions of the 33-2003 I received today are approx.,  8 1/4" x 8
I know from the List that other 1991 200q20v owners are running K&N air
filters. Anybody out there know the correct K&N number for our cars?
Thanks very much,
Neil Vonhof
(This is a hastily edited version of the message that I just sent to K&N
asking them the same question)

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