[200q20v] Power Windows!

digital leopard digitaleopard at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 10 18:45:09 EST 2001

Ok, time for me to start tackling the less vital but trickier items on my 
car.  First up-power windows.  This one is kind of confusing-looking in the 
archives helps some, but this seems to be more than one problem.

Symptoms-the drivers PW controller is VERY intermittant-mostly.  The rear 
passenger window works fine from it, but none of the others are responding 
anymore, and switching from the locked to unlocked mode for the other window 
controls is uncertain.  In addition, when the other controls are unlocked, 
the front passenger side window doesn't seem to be working anyway-neither is 
the driver's side.   However, before they stopped working, they were 
intermittant, as though the switches, not the windows, were malfunctioning.  

How likely is it that this is just a problem with the controls in the 
armrests?  Don't think the original owner ever did anything with these, so 
they are original pieces.

What should my order of operations be?  Driver's control, front passenger 
control, strip door and check wire and then motor would be my guess.  Also, 
how long will each step take?

How do I check and/or clean the switches once I get them loose?  I know I've 
seen this one posted, but can't find it...

Anyone have any descriptions about how to get the door panel off?  The 
Bentley is less than fully helpful.

Thanks-Ron Merrell.
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