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Neil Vonhof nhv at citylinq.com
Sat Mar 10 13:26:15 EST 2001

Mine is Glacier Blue. After about a year of ownership, calling it Silver
the whole time, I happened to look at the original window sticker (it was
back a month or so when there was the discussion about the original cost of
our cars) and noticed the color mentioned. It's not very blue as you
mention below. Has dark blue leather interior. I really like the look and
very much prefer it to the Audi  Silver. It's more metallic (as you also
mention below).
When an old old friend and owner of an Audi shop here in Seattle first told
me about the 91 200 20 valve and literally insisted that I find and buy
one, he said, "think metallic green, beige leather, metallic green, beige
leather, metallic green, beige leather." Obviously that was his favorite
color and I assume because he recommended it, it must exist.
-Neil Vonhof

TM wrote:

> Chris,
> I didn't know about this Indigo Blue, but in addition to Lago Blue,
> there was a Glacier Blue, which was a very pale, silvery metallic
> blue. KAR in MN had one for sale a little while ago- gone now.
> Can anyone tell me if there was a dark green for the '91 200q?
> I could have sworn that the '91 200q that I saw recently near my office
> was a dark green color. Absolutely lovely color- kind of like the dark,
> dark green in the 1st gen. Infiniti Q45. If it was not, I may have been
> seeing things and the car may have been black.
> Taka
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