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I'm certain that a non-functioning after run system helps stress the plastic in the stock radiator; thermal shock likely causes the brittleness of the plastic, plus resulting higher residual pressures...

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<< After replacing my radiator with the plastic Audi junker,
and having a broken hose trash the upper nipple (again.....
An evacuated cooling system in a hot engine will cause a
thermal crack, and failure of the plastic upper nipple.), I
replaced the radiator with an all metal radiator. They are
available from Modine and others, from almost any good
foreign car radiator supplier. It will probably NOT come
with the aux radiator nipples. Have the shop solder in two
one inch nipples opposite the main nipples, and you are
ready to go. 

You might also want the shop to install a drain nipple at
the bottom of the main tank, to which you can attach a hose
and valve for system draining. This is a good time to also
replace the hard (impossible) to get to hoses, and the
thermostat, and the hydraulic hoses, etc.

Mine cost around $160 plus $50 for the aux radiator nipples.
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