[200q20v] Free Dealer Service

C1J1Miller at aol.com C1J1Miller at aol.com
Tue Mar 13 23:44:13 EST 2001

I'm not certain, but think that the second code is indeed from the spring.  
I'll see if I can find info tomorrow.
BTW, over 50k hits this week on the site!

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mod2000 at home.com writes:

> Check this out.
>  I called my local Audi dealer (University) about two weeks back regarding 
> airbag light which has been on for the past six months.  I mention I'm a 
> quattro list member and he sez to swing by and they will check it out.  I 
> already located the two VAG pins behind the climate control unit and they 
> were readily accessible.  The shop foreman meets me at the front desk, I 
> explain the situation and meets me out in the lot with a portable VAG.  He 
> pulls the codes, clears em' , gives me a print-out and off I go.  Free.  
> still stunned.
>  So my question...two codes were pulled, the first related to low voltage 
> the second indicating...
>  00588     032
>  Airbag Igniter - Driver Side - N95
>  Resistance value too large
>  Sporadic DTC
>  Is this fault code related to the airbag itself or the spiral spring?  
> Thanks in advance.
>  Mike O.
>  91' avant

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