[200q20v] audi lineup

Tomsaudi200 at aol.com Tomsaudi200 at aol.com
Wed Mar 14 00:30:59 EST 2001

I too had occasion to check out the latest Audi's at New Country Audi in 
Greenwich, CT. I sat in my first TT Coupe. Overall, it was very nice, and 
very snug. Still, I think the press talked it up so much, it would be 
difficult for it to live up to all the hype. Granted, I did not drive one, 
and I know that can make all the difference. In the end though, if I had to 
choose, I would look for a used Boxster instead of a new TT. I have driven 
the Boxster, and to hear that engine sing at high rpm is about as close to 
heaven in a car as one can get. More fun and entertaining than a Viper, but 
not as intimidating, raw, and erotic than a pre '88 911 Turbo, but I digress.

The rest of the lineup looks good, but the S4 in person isn't enough for me 
to give up the keys to the 200 20V (this works out brilliantly, as I cannot 
afford an S4). The car I was looking at was yellow, and I HATE carbon fiber 
dash inserts. But, I know it's just a sign of the times, as the car must face 
off with the M3 and AMG-tuned versions of the Benz C-Class. Loud colors and 
carbon fiber are in. I personally prefer the subtlety but strong presence of 
the 200; as one review described the car's looks as "Arnold Schwarzenager in 
a Hugo Boss suit". 

After looking at the TT's, A4's, A6's, Allroads, etc, it says a hell of a lot 
for a ten year old car that, if given the choice, I'd still pick the 200 to 
go home in. 


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