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Wed Mar 14 09:03:51 EST 2001

Well, its interesting if their lots are full of these things- shows you what
consumers think of the economy. 

Wonder if I could get a real deal on an Allroad?

Tom F.
200q20V Avant, sold new to first owner for $8K under sticker during the last

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> No much content here, just had to comment on the goods at the 
> local Audi 
> dealer!
> Drove by Holz Audi this evening and they have tons of TTs, 
> A4s, A6s and 
> some S4s, Allroads and a nice pair of 8s, a Pearl A8L and 
> some dark S8 
> (all 360 hp!). We had a very enjoyable drive up and down the 
> rows of our 
> favorite marque.
> Just had to share!
>    David
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