[200q20v] oil pan gasket?

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Wed Mar 14 16:53:22 EST 2001

I posted a long BTDT on the oil pan as part of my timing belt change, about
a month ago.

Procedure in the Bentley is pretty clear. You do need to drop the front of
subframe, and replace the stretch bolts you take out- order them before your
start. The pan is held on my a million - well maybe two dozen 6mm hex head
bolts. Clearances are very tight, I was very glad I had 1/4" drive hex
sockets and extensions in a variety of lengths. I don't think you can do it
with  3/8" hex socket- its too fat. You need to align the flywheel to TDC to
access two of the bolts at the rear of the engine, easy to see the reference
mark on the flywheel through the access hole near the distributor.  

How big a job? Get good lighting so you can see all the bolts, and the
proper 1/4" drive hex socket, and don't forget a torque wrench for the
subframe bolts. Then, an hour or two- an afternoon worse case. Whatever, it
worth it to see no drips!

Good luck,

Tom F.

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> Any btdt for changing the oil pan gasket?  the Bentley states 
> you need to
> drop the sub frame bolts to accomplish this.  Any experience 
> on how big of a
> job this is?  
> Thanks
> Brian Link
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