[200q20v] Whining noise

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at maine.edu
Wed Mar 14 22:18:46 EST 2001

Does the sound of the whine change at all under load? I ask because my 90q is making a similar sound. Road speed dependant, in any gear, doesn't change around corners, only sounds a little different under load. Sounds like it is comming from the trany itself (maybe a bum diff), but noises can travel through the driveline in odd ways.....


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  Have a whining noise coming from under the car.  Increasing speed = increasing whine; doesn't matter what gear I'm in.  I've heard that the center drive shaft bearing can go bad.  The dealership sells the entire unit for $800 and states that the bearing is not sold seperately.  Please advise.  Could it be another issue??

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