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I'm thinking that both codes are related as you suspected.  I did have a low
voltage situation as a result of a dying battery which occurred about the
same time the air bag light continued to stay on.  Interesting how both
codes may be interrelated.   Since the codes were cleared, the indicator
light goes off after 2-4 seconds and appears to operate normally.  Thanks
again for checking into it.

Mike O.

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> > Check this out.
> >
> >  I called my local Audi dealer (University) about two weeks back
> my
> > airbag light which has been on for the past six months.  I mention I'm a
> > quattro list member and he sez to swing by and they will check it out.
> had
> > already located the two VAG pins behind the climate control unit and
> > were readily accessible.  The shop foreman meets me at the front desk, I
> > explain the situation and meets me out in the lot with a portable VAG.
> > pulls the codes, clears em' , gives me a print-out and off I go.  Free.
> I'm
> > still stunned.
> >
> >  So my question...two codes were pulled, the first related to low
> and
> > the second indicating...
> >
> >  00588     032
> >  Airbag Igniter - Driver Side - N95
> >  Resistance value too large
> >  Sporadic DTC
> >
> >  Is this fault code related to the airbag itself or the spiral spring?
> > Thanks in advance.
> >
> >  Mike O.
> >  91' avant
> Mike:  Here's what I've been able to find out:
> "VW/Audi Airbag codes are sometimes rather nebulous.  The first code is
probably 00532 Supply Voltage (B+) too low.  Lots of things can cause this,
mostly related to low battery, dead battery, new battery, giving/getting
jump starts and so on.  For now, I would not worry about this if the
electrical system is in good order.  The second code can be caused by the
first.  When Airbag system voltage is low (or high), weird things happen.
Since this second code is a sporadic (it was there before, but is not there
now), I believe that the Tech at University did the correct repair by simply
erasing the codes.  Mike O. needs to keep an eye on things though, and if
the DTC light comes back on, get in to the Dealer or other shop in a more
timely manner.  The igniter is the airbag unit itself, not the spiral
spring, although a defective or problem spiral spring can set this DTC.
> Does Mike O. recall any electrical quirks from 6 months ago or were any
repairs done or electrical accessories added?  I suspect that could be the
> HTH, Chris Miller, c1j1miller at aol.com

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