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Sylvester, Mike Mike.Sylvester at sycamorenet.com
Thu Mar 15 11:05:03 EST 2001

Other than it being a brand new car, what is it about the A6 2.7t that you
like over the 200q20v?   
If I had a '91 200q with a 100 miles on it I would choose that over the new
A6 2.7t without question.

Mike Sylvester
'91 200q20v avant
'01 A6 2.7t

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None of the current Audis offered in the US have carbon fiber trim.
The S4 comes with either aluminum trim in the sport interior or
gray birdseye maple. Perhaps you saw the birdseye maple interior?

I think if I had an UrS6, I would turn down every model offered currently
in the US, but I'd personally take an A6 2.7T over my 200q any day of
the week.


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