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I just had catastrophic failure of the pump (coolant draining everywhere),
it would leak about a pint a week for about three months before it happened.
The OEM part from the dealer is something like $190 out the door. Takes
about 20 minutes to change.

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> At 12:57 PM -0500 3/15/01, Forhan, Thomas wrote:
> >Now that the bottom of my engine is so much cleaner and my weeping
> >water pump has been replaced,  I see  a coolant leak at the secondary
> >pump. Hoses and connections are fine, this is the pump itself. Before I
> >Clair or Carlsen, does anyone now if this a Bosch item I can order OEM?
> >a Bosch number?
> >
>   In my first '91 200q,  that  aux. afterrun pump was replaced by the
> seller when he noticed it "weeping" very shortly before I took
> delivery the car.  He (Art, at Salisbury Motor Car) said that the
> weeping is usually the prelude to catastrophic pump failure, so he
> replaced it as a pre-emptive measure (90K miles). On my present car,
> I've been watching carefully for that symptom, but so far--so good.
> There's a Bosch oem part available, but I recall many qlist postings
> from Avi Meron about a much more robust replacement pump that was
> available from Shogun (see below).
> Phil
> >From: "Avi Meron" <avi at cosmoslink.net>
> >Subject: RE: Afterrun coolant pump Chevy part?
> >
> >Don't loose it again.....
> >Avi
> >
> >This is a repost if I missed something let me know..
> >
> >
> >* The pump is a 12Volt coolant pump and is designed to act as a water
> >for a small block Chevy,
> >* Electrical draw is under 10AMP and when the coolant is hot the
> >draw is only 2 AMP, as a comparison, the draw on the rad. fan (at the
> >speed) is between 11-13 AMP
> >* The pump is NOT magnetically driven, it is driven by a shaft with a
> >temperature impeller (when you get the pump you get 2 spare impellers)
> >* Dia. of the pump is app. 2.5" and length is under 6"
> >* The pump section is all SS
> >* The flow capacity of the pump is many time over the Audi pump (designed
> >replace the water pump on a small block Chevy)
> >* The pump will  fit very nicely in the same location of the old pump
> >* I wired it with a relay just to be on the safe side, did not trust the
> >"chintzy" OEM wires, the pump has continues 12Volt and the ground is
> >activated when the pump is on (OEM set-up), you have to wire it
> >no big deal
> >* the pump runs noticeably less time than the OEM pump, probably because
> >is a REAL pump not a "piss poor" (engineering terminology) excuse for a
> >* cost for the pump is about $90 and Shogun has them (they are on the
> >I will dig the phone # for who ever wants it, the company is located in
> >Prior lake MN 1 800 527 5665 tech line # is 612 447 6784
> >
> >I think I covered everything, did I miss something Frank? If I did let me
> >know.
> >
> >Avi
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