[200q20v] secondary coolant pump

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Mar 15 16:34:37 EST 2001

Shogun pumps no longer are available.  They've stopped making them.  That 
report was on the main list last summer or fall.  Only sources would be 
some parts store's stock.  Someone posted on one of the Audifans lists a 
few weeks ago that they had a new Shogun pump they no longer needed and 
would sell it for whatever they paid, and it was gone within minutes of the 
first posting.

At 01:57 PM 03/15/2001 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:

>At 12:57 PM -0500 3/15/01, Forhan, Thomas wrote:
>>Now that the bottom of my engine is so much cleaner and my weeping primary
>>water pump has been replaced,  I see  a coolant leak at the secondary water
>>pump. Hoses and connections are fine, this is the pump itself. Before I call
>>Clair or Carlsen, does anyone now if this a Bosch item I can order OEM? Got
>>a Bosch number?
>  In my first '91 200q,  that  aux. afterrun pump was replaced by the 
> seller when he noticed it "weeping" very shortly before I took delivery 
> the car.  He (Art, at Salisbury Motor Car) said that the weeping is 
> usually the prelude to catastrophic pump failure, so he replaced it as a 
> pre-emptive measure (90K miles). On my present car, I've been watching 
> carefully for that symptom, but so far--so good.
>There's a Bosch oem part available, but I recall many qlist postings from 
>Avi Meron about a much more robust replacement pump that was available 
>from Shogun (see below).
>>From: "Avi Meron" <avi at cosmoslink.net>
>>Subject: RE: Afterrun coolant pump Chevy part?
>>Don't loose it again.....
>>This is a repost if I missed something let me know..
>>* The pump is a 12Volt coolant pump and is designed to act as a water pump
>>for a small block Chevy,
>>* Electrical draw is under 10AMP and when the coolant is hot the electrical
>>draw is only 2 AMP, as a comparison, the draw on the rad. fan (at the lowest
>>speed) is between 11-13 AMP
>>* The pump is NOT magnetically driven, it is driven by a shaft with a high
>>temperature impeller (when you get the pump you get 2 spare impellers)
>>* Dia. of the pump is app. 2.5" and length is under 6"
>>* The pump section is all SS
>>* The flow capacity of the pump is many time over the Audi pump (designed to
>>replace the water pump on a small block Chevy)
>>* The pump will  fit very nicely in the same location of the old pump
>>* I wired it with a relay just to be on the safe side, did not trust the
>>"chintzy" OEM wires, the pump has continues 12Volt and the ground is
>>activated when the pump is on (OEM set-up), you have to wire it accordingly,
>>no big deal
>>* the pump runs noticeably less time than the OEM pump, probably because it
>>is a REAL pump not a "piss poor" (engineering terminology) excuse for a pump
>>* cost for the pump is about $90 and Shogun has them (they are on the net),
>>I will dig the phone # for who ever wants it, the company is located in
>>Prior lake MN 1 800 527 5665 tech line # is 612 447 6784
>>I think I covered everything, did I miss something Frank? If I did let me
>Phil Rose
>Rochester, NY
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