[200q20v] Re: "UltraBernie"?

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Thu Mar 15 19:00:35 EST 2001


I've expressed my thoughts to George and maybe copied the list, I don't
remember, on trying to use a strut brace in a bidirectional force mode, i.e.
commpression and tension.  So, here it is again, from a slightly different
perspective.  You can't help but loose overall system stiffness because the
strut tower rubber bushings have very nonlinear force/deflection
characteristics.  They are softest at zero deflection and stiffen rapidly
either side of zero.  (Akin to the zero crossover complications of designing
a p-p amplifier, George, excepting this is nonlinear rail to rail.)  The
compression only strut can and must be set up to avoid the zero force cross
over by moving its operating point away from zero to one of a greater
bushing deflection, thus taking advantage of the resultant increased
stiffness.  So, IMO, you are sacrificing functional performance as well as
increasing weight and drasticly increasing the cost of the brace with your
"lily guilding".

If there were a good reason to design an adjustable strut for bidirectional
forces there are much cheaper and lighter designs than right and left hand
threading a thick walled tube, one of which I have used for the lower
control arms on a Lotus.  But I won't describe it, as you don't need it.
Do what you wish, but please don't "UltraBernie" my design and sell it as


> From: Dale McCormack <dale at themccormacks.org>
> Organization: Strategic Business Systems, Inc.
> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 16:06:09 -0600
> To: Bernie Benz <b.m.benz at prodigy.net>
> Subject: Re: "UltraBernie"?
> Dear Bernie,
> Thanks for your support and creativity too.
> I've been corresponding offlist, as well as on, with George Sidman
> regarding the compression/tension issues of the EMT tube.
> In talking with my machinist, we're going to fabricate a few LH and RH
> threaded tubes, with a thicker wall diameter, to correspond with LH & RH
> rod ends/jam nuts.  This change will lock the strut towers in both
> directions.  Despite this not being part of your original design, on the
> surface I can't see how it could be harmful, and perhaps an improvement,
> under certain conditions.  Regardless, you'll have a copy for evaluation
> soon.  Please supply me with your mailing address.
> Thanks again,
> Dale
> Bernie Benz wrote:
>> Hi Dale,
>> I'm glad to see that someone, you have decided to take over parts fab and
>> distribution on the Benz Brace.  This should make it much easier for many to
>> impliment this upgrade.  As you may know, I have built 3 of these strut
>> braces, two installed on type 44 chassis cars per the site pictures, and one
>> currently being installed on my 89 chassis 90Q-20V, now that I have moved
>> the battery out of the way and to a new location under the rear seat.
>> Inasmuch as some of our 89 chassis brothers may also be interested in parts,
>> I will take the liberty to send this post to the 20V List also.
>> Thanks,
>> Bernie
>>> From: Dale McCormack <dale at themccormacks.org>
>>> Organization: Strategic Business Systems, Inc.
>>> Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001 13:59:04 -0600
>>> To: 200q20v at audifans.com
>>> Subject: [200q20v] "BernieBrace" Part Orders Now Accepted
>>> To:  "BernieBrace" Inquirers
>>> From:  Dale McCormack
>>> RE: Initial Production of Strut BraceAdapter Nuts, et. al.
>>> Thanks to many of you for your initial indication of interest in
>>> purchasing two (or more) Strut Adapter Nuts (SAN) for the Audifans 200
>>> turbo Quattro (or other Audi Type 44 vehicle) as mentioned in the qlist
>>> mail.
>>> There has been sufficient interest that I will be providing both the SAN
>>> and/or Rod Ends w/Jam Nuts for completing most of the Strut Brace
>>> (a.k.a. "BernieBrace").  In addition to my parts, the strut brace design
>>> calls for approximately 40" of EMT thinwall tubing and some "hand
>>> fitment" to complete the job.  See the following location for complete
>>> instructions: http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/strutbrace.html
>>> Part Prices:
>>> 1 pair SAN nuts (one car)   $23.00
>>> 2 pair SAN nuts (two cars)   $41.00
>>> 1 pair Rod Ends w/Jam Nuts (one car) $37.50
>>> Shipping (to same address):
>>> $4.00 (nuts only up to three sets)
>>> $7.50 nuts & rod ends  (one or two complete sets)
>>> Larger orders contact for quote.
>>> Ordering:
>>> Please 1) email your order (dale at themccormacks.org) and 2) promptly mail
>>> check payable to (sorry for the pita redundancy, but it will speed
>>> delivery):
>>> Strategic Business Systems, Inc.
>>> 3885 S. Decatur,  Suite 2010
>>> Las Vegas, NV  89103
>>> Yes, a website IS under development w/credit card convenience.
>>> Unfortunately, it's not yet functional. An update will advise when it
>>> is.
>>> Delivery
>>> Please allow three - four weeks for initial production and delivery.
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