[200q20v] loosening a rounded nut

omllenado omllenado at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 15 19:38:40 EST 2001

This was my first alternator replacement. It was a breeze until this NUT
decided not to move.

Oliver M. Llenado
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> On Thu, 15 Mar 2001, omllenado wrote:
> > I was replacing my alternator this afternoon, got the alternator out,
in, but when it comes to loosening the bolt on the bar on  the A/C side -
> > it's so hard to unloosen that the nuts were rounded. I can't tension the
belt without loosening this side.
> > any suggestions on how to get it off?, I was thinking of having the bolt
melted and replace it but i dont have the equipment.
> Nah, cut it off.  Moto-tools are god's mechanical gift to humanity.
> They make a cutoff attachment that can hold light, heavy, and super duty
> cutoff disk wheels.  Don't skimp on which duty rating you pick...too light
> a disk will disintegrate unless used very carefully, and if the metal is
> too hard, the disc will simply go poof(or crack; eye protection is a
> -MUST- with any griding tool.)
> The great thing about the mototool is that it can be used to grind very
> finely, so you could, if you wanted, slot the bolt on both sides, and hit
> it with a hammer or something, once you started to hit the threads on the
> bolt(at which point, there wouldn't be much bolt left.)
> Several slots might give you more of a purchase on the bolt with say, vise
> grips.
> The heavy vibration and heat from the cutting disc might loosen
> up the bolt a little...
> Brett

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