[200q20v] Eurolights (again!)

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Do you have a couple of relays off the "jump start post" driven
from the headlight connector?? It reduces the voltage drop by
about 0.8 volts (lamp voltage goes from 12.8 to 13.6) and
makes a noticeable difference in the light output.

If you don't , you should put a relay system in anyway, it will 
make a difference when you put in the euros.

Light output varies with the "2.3rd" power of voltage. 10% more
voltage gives 24% more lumens....... unfortunately lamp life
goes down by a slightly larger factor, memory fails me on the charts,
but I will guess it is in the ballpark of a 50% reduction in life.

My oblivious wife noticed the difference I made when I re-wired
her minivan and removed 1.2 volts (yes 1.2!!) by adding thicker
wire in parallel.


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Am I the only sorry cheapskate who still has the OEM candles?  Does
anyone have a line on a source for Eurolights?

The darn things are so bad that even my normally oblivious wife wondered
aloud the other day why I hadn't replaced them ...


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