[200q20v] Secondary Coolant Pump Virus

Glen Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Fri Mar 16 09:01:43 EST 2001

I have about 70k miles on the K24. It was 'new' but it had been run on the
dyno before I installed it on the ur-q. It's been on two different engines
in this car, the factory engine and the race-prepped 2.4L that is in there
now. I run the factory-type plastic radiator and no aux rad, have run like
this for years. I __always__ idle the car after a hard run and in fact after
any use at all. I monitor the EGT to tell when to shut-down the engine. I
like to see <800F before shut-off. I use only M1 15w50 and run the dual
oil-filter setup. The 2.4L runs a little hotter than I would like
(200-210)on the very hottest summer days (90-100F) with the A/C on. I would
prefer 180-200 max - oh well.... I also run a 160F stat and fan switch.
Someday I will fit a larger metal rad and the 9-blade (7-blade? - whatever
the 'good' one is) fan.

For general safety I monitor:

water temp - VDO
oil temp - factory
oil pressure - VDO
boost - VDO
O2 - combo O2/duty-cycle LED meter
CIS frequency-valve duty-cycle - combo O2/duty-cycle LED meter
6th mixture-enrichment EFI injector duty-cycle - combo O2/duty-cycle LED



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How many miles on the turbo?  Do you have an alluminum radiator?  Do you
idle the car a while after a hard run?

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I've been running a WC K24 on my 85 ur-q for like 10 years without the
after-run pump. Still works great! Typical overkill German engineering?

Just a datapoint,



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