[200q20v] I'M STILL %!#&* STALLING!!!

Tomsaudi200 at aol.com Tomsaudi200 at aol.com
Sat Mar 17 02:11:57 EST 2001

With baited breath, I picked up my car from the dealer tonight, new printed 
circuit board installed, in hopes that my stalling woes were well behind me. 
Not so. 

The job was expected to take one day; however the Audi warehouse the dealer 
ordered the board from was incorrect. A new board was shipped overnight and 
was installed today. A new diode was installed into the stereo, and the 
popping sounds from the speakers are now a thing of the past. A couple 
hundred dollars spent, perhaps a torched interior saved.

But no less than 3 miles onto the highway on my way home, I encounter slowing 
traffic. I downshift into third, the idiot lights come on like a Christmas 
tree, the tach drops to zero, but i recover with a little clutch/throttle 
action. This happened three times on the 11 mile drive home, after I had just 
spent almost $600 alone to cure this problem. But hey, I don't have a bouncy 
speedo anymore, but for $600 I was willing to live with that. 

So, after spending all that money with getting little in return, and having 
to leave the car overnight (but at no fault of the dealer), I am, let's say, 
less than pleased. The stalling problem has obviously not been cured, despite 
the fact that I insisted the bypass valve and all tubings be inspected, and I 
was assured they checked out OK. Also, I had asked that the light for the 
driver's heated seat be replaced, and this was not done.

To the dealer's credit though, I had brought to their attention the fogging 
of the windows problem. You were all correct in the diagnosis about the 
spring mechanism beneath the dash. The mechanic working on the car also 
replaced a $75 part in the a/c system, but since the dealer never contacted 
me about it, I was not charged for the work. At least for that I am thankful. 

Going into this service, my main concern was obviously the random stalling 
upon downshifting, as this could pose as a major safety threat to me , my 
car, and the other drivers around me. That it was not corrected obviously 
bothers me, but I am also a little curious if any of the mechanics bothered 
to actually drive the car to see if their work cured the problem.

After a $760 repair bill, plus the money spent on new tires, I really don't 
want to spend any more money on the car for awhile if I can help it. If the 
dealer's solution was incorrect, do I have any recourse? Granted, the 
majority of the cost was with the part itself, but like I said, I never would 
have spent the money if all it meant was keeping the speedo from bouncing 
sometimes. Regardless, I'm going to have to call them to talk abot this, but 
any advice would be appreciated.

91 200 20V Quattro
95 90 

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