[200q20v] I'M STILL %!#&* STALLING!!!

Mike Miller MikeMilr at blackfoot.net
Sat Mar 17 08:38:43 EST 2001

I have a bad bypass valve sitting on my shelf that passes "inspection". I'll
be darned if I can make it leak with either vacuum or pressure, yet
replacing it cured the stalling problem on my car. I was really curiuos as
to how that bouncing speedo was causing the stalling problem as even the
tech bulletin said for 1990 only. I can understand and sympathize with your
dis-satisfaction with the dealer. Perhaps the dealer can put your old
circuit board back in and refund your money. I suspect that just sticking
your old board back in will leave the speedo working.

When I had a low boost problem, after many hours of dealer ($$$) trouble
shooting, they decided it had to be the waste gate - cost over $900.
Luckily, Ned Ritchie stumbled on the fact that the Waste Gate Frequency
Valve could cause the problem, and even though mine tested within specs, $40
later I had boost again. I believe it was also Ned that found the stalling
problem being cured by the bypass valve. This was right after lister Peter
H. had spent major $$$$ replacing darn near everything else under the hood
trying to fix his stalling problem. These lists have been invaluable for
many people and have saved fellow listers major $$$$. My local dealership
has worked on maybe 5 91 200s and has never heard of the WGFV or the bypass
valve going bad. I'd bet there are some 200's around the area only seeing
1.3-1.4 bar boost that don't know know they have a problem.

mike miller
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> With baited breath, I picked up my car from the dealer tonight, new
> circuit board installed, in hopes that my stalling woes were well behind
> Not so.
> The job was expected to take one day; however the Audi warehouse the
> ordered the board from was incorrect. A new board was shipped overnight
> was installed today. A new diode was installed into the stereo, and the
> popping sounds from the speakers are now a thing of the past. A couple
> hundred dollars spent, perhaps a torched interior saved.
> But no less than 3 miles onto the highway on my way home, I encounter
> traffic. I downshift into third, the idiot lights come on like a Christmas
> tree, the tach drops to zero, but i recover with a little clutch/throttle
> action. This happened three times on the 11 mile drive home, after I had
> spent almost $600 alone to cure this problem. But hey, I don't have a
> speedo anymore, but for $600 I was willing to live with that.
> So, after spending all that money with getting little in return, and
> to leave the car overnight (but at no fault of the dealer), I am, let's
> less than pleased. The stalling problem has obviously not been cured,
> the fact that I insisted the bypass valve and all tubings be inspected,
and I
> was assured they checked out OK. Also, I had asked that the light for the
> driver's heated seat be replaced, and this was not done.
> To the dealer's credit though, I had brought to their attention the
> of the windows problem. You were all correct in the diagnosis about the
> spring mechanism beneath the dash. The mechanic working on the car also
> replaced a $75 part in the a/c system, but since the dealer never
> me about it, I was not charged for the work. At least for that I am
> Going into this service, my main concern was obviously the random stalling
> upon downshifting, as this could pose as a major safety threat to me , my
> car, and the other drivers around me. That it was not corrected obviously
> bothers me, but I am also a little curious if any of the mechanics
> to actually drive the car to see if their work cured the problem.
> After a $760 repair bill, plus the money spent on new tires, I really
> want to spend any more money on the car for awhile if I can help it. If
> dealer's solution was incorrect, do I have any recourse? Granted, the
> majority of the cost was with the part itself, but like I said, I never
> have spent the money if all it meant was keeping the speedo from bouncing
> sometimes. Regardless, I'm going to have to call them to talk abot this,
> any advice would be appreciated.
> Tom
> 91 200 20V Quattro
> 95 90
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