[200q20v] Did I fry my clutch?

Brett Dikeman brett at brettd.dsl.speakeasy.net
Sat Mar 17 16:12:07 EST 2001

Any time the clutch isn't "connecting", -immediately- let up on the gas
and let it grab....never continue to accelerate and let the clutch
slip; it has a fraction of its holding power when it is slipping, just
like a tire.

What you smelled was lots of smoke etc from the clutch material
burning, and since you continued letting the clutch slip, it got
hot, and continued to make that smell.  No, you probably haven't fried the
clutch, but only time will tell if you still get the same grip from 
the clutch that you had before.  Obviously popping the
clutch super quick is going to cause a lot of stress, until the clutch
plate slips(which will happen very quickly.)


On Sat, 17 Mar 2001 Vztante at aol.com wrote:

> I dropped it at about 3k rpms(I know, bad idea, especially with a chipped 
> car), the revs flew but the car didn't. It accelerated at about half it's 
> usual pace. I immediately turned into a parking lot, and when I got out, 
> there was a strong burnt rubber kind of smell. I know the tires hadn't 
> spun-out, so it must have been the clutch.
> Driving it around for the rest of my errands, I didn't notice any slipping of 
> the clutch, but the smell continued. Something is definitely wrong, and I'm 
> afraid it's going to cost me!!
> If it is the clutch, will I make things worse by continuing to drive the car? 
> What would be a good source for the part, and what should I expect to pay in 
> parts/labor?

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