[200q20v] Fog Light Switch

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sun Mar 18 13:53:10 EST 2001

Hi Listers,
I was wondering if someone can help me with a part number that
I can't find:

Brett Dikeman mentioned that there is a two-position fog light
switch that replaces the rear fog light switch on my '91 200q
and is able to control both front and rear fogs- I assume the
switch options are off/front on/front and rear on.

The only switch I was able to find was the front fog light switch,

with a bulb

Was there a two-position switch, or do I just need to buy the
separate front fog switch?

Finally, if I need to buy the front fog switch, how do I mount the
switch if my only free space in the dash is the little pocket
that sometimes has a coin holder in place of the pocket? I assume
the pocket comes out but can I then mount a fog switch and two blank
switches in place or do I need a European-spec dashboard that never
had the pocket to begin with?

The worst part of this all is that the european parts catalogue
has the above mentioned fog light switch part number, but the US
parts catalogue has no number- listed as NLA.

I'm really not happy that Audi just deletes part numbers when the part
is no longer available. What about some little dealer that may have the
part sitting on a shelf?

'91 200q

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