[200q20v] RE: [s-cars] Fog Light Switch

Lee M. Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Sun Mar 18 14:12:03 EST 2001

I looked for one of these a while back for my 200 and could only come up
with one for a 4000. It didn't match the rest of the switches and looked out
of place.


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> From: TM [mailto:t44tq at mindspring.com]
> Brett Dikeman mentioned that there is a two-position fog light
> switch that replaces the rear fog light switch on my '91 200q
> and is able to control both front and rear fogs- I assume the
> switch options are off/front on/front and rear on.
> The only switch I was able to find was the front fog light switch,
> 893-941-535 with a bulb 8A0-919-062
> Was there a two-position switch, or do I just need to buy the
> separate front fog switch?

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