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    In all of my searching I could not come up with a two-position fog light
switch.  In checking my European Family Album I came up with the following
part numbers and prices;

441 863 349 V7A - Switch Bracket - 9 Position - Graphite - $18.00
893 941 515 01C - Cover - Satin Black - $4.00
893 941 535 01C - Switch for Fog Light - Satin black - $7.00

All of these are still valid part numbers here in Germany.
I did find out that the Cabrio has used three versions of the same switch
over the years.  From 92-94 it used the same p/n, from 94-98 it started with
4A0, and from 98-Current it starts with 8G0.  It also shows a separate
switch for rear fog light.
Also, the 9 position panel was used in many cars from 88-94, ranging from
the 100 (5000 in US) to the V8.

Hope this helps,

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> Hi Listers,
> I was wondering if someone can help me with a part number that
> I can't find:
> Brett Dikeman mentioned that there is a two-position fog light
> switch that replaces the rear fog light switch on my '91 200q
> and is able to control both front and rear fogs- I assume the
> switch options are off/front on/front and rear on.
> The only switch I was able to find was the front fog light switch,
> 893-941-535
> with a bulb
> 8A0-919-062
> Was there a two-position switch, or do I just need to buy the
> separate front fog switch?
> Finally, if I need to buy the front fog switch, how do I mount the
> switch if my only free space in the dash is the little pocket
> that sometimes has a coin holder in place of the pocket? I assume
> the pocket comes out but can I then mount a fog switch and two blank
> switches in place or do I need a European-spec dashboard that never
> had the pocket to begin with?
> The worst part of this all is that the european parts catalogue
> has the above mentioned fog light switch part number, but the US
> parts catalogue has no number- listed as NLA.
> I'm really not happy that Audi just deletes part numbers when the part
> is no longer available. What about some little dealer that may have the
> part sitting on a shelf?
> Taka
> '91 200q
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