[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] Fog Light Switch

Igor Kessel ikessel at amexol.net
Sun Mar 18 17:06:45 EST 2001

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> I think you have that backwards?  The fronts are seperate, the "rear"
> activates both.  This is the way most(all?) fog switches I've seen in euro
> cars work; think about it...for light fog, you'd only want additional
> front lighting.  For heavy fog, you'd want both, the rear for safety.

Yep, got it backwards. Sorry.
>   Of course, Audi is just the sort of company to -not- do what makes
> sense("hey, let's confuse the hell out of those stupid Americans
> and...")  Thank god, because that's better than the Jaguar(pardon, I meant
> Jag-ie-u-AR) engineers, who said "Let's -piss off- those stupid
> Americans"  Anyone that's ever been behind a Jaguar(I mean...oh,
> nevermind) with the rear fogs on knows exactly what I mean...

I do _exacly_ know whAT  you mean. Of all the idiots driving with the
fogs on all the time the Jags are the most annoying. Sometimes I feel
like sling-shooting the damn blinding red light in front of me. I
remember Phil saying that in the UK the use of a fog light in clear
weather results in a ticket on the spot. Too bad it is not the case
around here.

Igor Kessel
'97 S6, PA plate "KBATTPO"
'98 A4, PA plate "KBATPO"

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