[200q20v] atmosphere and compressor maps - read'n 'riting & 'ritmatic

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Great link Feico.  FWIW, those who care can also try:
And, as the author points out there is some (at least to me) surprising
detailed and what looks to be very good information and descriptions of
altitude density etc. available at USA Today's weather web pages, e.g..

For an uncommonly detailed write up of this whole process, including
"adiabatic Processes" and the reading, 'riting & 'ritmatic of turbos &
compressor maps etc you might want to run through parts of John Lucius
3000GT/Stealth pages - www.3si.org , I think the actual link may have been
http://www.3si.org/member-home/jlucius/2-primer.htm or something like that.

On compressor maps alone, try

Mike P.
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  Attached is a link. It may be a little more than you
  need. I have a formula which I will try to dig up
  Best regards,
  Feico van der Laan

  --- John Petersen <petersen007 at earthlink.net> wrote:
  > Hello everyone,
  >       I'm very interested in information pertaining to
  > the effects of
  > temperature, (atmospheric) pressure, and humidity on
  > the efficiency, surge
  > limits and flow limits of turbos. Anyone have any
  > ideas on where I can find
  > this?
  > thanks
  > -John

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