[200q20v] premission granted - IA Stage III+ data and disclaimer attached

Glen Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Mon Mar 19 07:44:08 EST 2001


"It is our stage III+. $695.00 Be careful on lower grades of fuel. MPG does
improve due to better timing. Uses a 250 kPa transducer and drives it right
to maximum. There is no overboost. It just goes to where all parameters
allow it. Half a meaningful dyno plot on a hot day with too small a fan on
the intercooler, as the engine cut out a 5437 rpm at 260.7 hp or the fuel
was not good enough.  The curve should have gone to 280 hp.  Ran out of dyno
time. I claim about 277 hp. 372.8 Nm however at 4403 rpm. The lower graphs
are stock. The test was run in 4th gear assuming .97 ratio."

Just look at the increased area under those curves, especially the torque
curve! MASSIVE!!!!

I just __LOVE__ this mod!!!  (otherwise bone stock) My wife complains
because her non-IA 200q20v is 'slow'...



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Post away; don't recall if the software automagically strips it away,
Send a copy direct to me, and I'll add it to the site.

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Permission requsted to post the IA Stage III HP and tourque graph to the

It is a 134KB .jpg .



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