[200q20v] Audi Sneer

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Mon Mar 19 07:00:32 EST 2001

> Very cute...tonight, a gent walked by my car as I was about to pull out of
> a space at the supermarket.  He looked over+down, gave a disapproving
> sneer as his car 2000 Lexus 4-something or other* went "woop woop."
> At the stoplight or cash register my friend, any time...

Yesterday I was at a party and went outside for a moment and noticed a guy
stooped down near my 200. Turns out he was checking out the overall
smoothness of the car and thinking correctly that it is pretty aero for it's
time. He is a beemer mechanic. He was curious enough to ask how many
cylinders it had and a little surprised by the answer. So anyway, not
everyone sneers, but most people just don't know what an older Audi is.
And yes, what is up with all those TT clones?

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