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Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Mon Mar 19 17:06:13 EST 2001

I seem to recall my '90 V8 had a single switch that turned on both
the front lights and the one in the red tail lenses.  I never checked
what the fog on/off to high beams relation was; but in my '79 911 that
was sold new in Germany links the fog power to the running lights and
disables them when the high beams are on.  It's up to the driver to
choose if he wants the low beams on while the fogs are on.

Now as to the shiny new (welll....) 200q20v I've now had a couple of
weeks, the front fogs are mounted on cheesy sheet-metal brackets with
rusty bolts that don't look like factory stuff.  I doubt the setup it
has right now is a good reference.


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On 3/19/01, 9:15:02 AM, Glen Powell <gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com> wrote 
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> I find the regular low-beams dazzle the fog negating much of the 
> of the fog lights, their advantages being their very low-mounted position
> and extreme sharp photometric cut-off. Since when did laws have to make
> sense?

> :)

> -glen


> Glen,

> at least in germany, the default wiring is fog lamps work do _not_ work
> independent of the main headlamps. I _think_ there are regulatory
> requirements to this.

> IMHO it does make sense to have both turned on anyway. I find the 
> better with both of the lights on.

> My .02$

> rgds
> pos

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