[200q20v] Re: [s-cars] Fog Light Switch

Glen Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Wed Mar 21 09:13:55 EST 2001

In most states period it is illegal to have more than 2 lamps illuminated in
the presence of other traffic. When I lived in MA, long ago, auxiliary
lighting was illegal period - but rarely if ever enforced, don't know if
that it still the case - prolly. Now I don't live in MA. I live where it
gets dark. Real dark. Deer - hah! Deer are just big dogs. Loose cows. Loose
horses. Moose. Now moose are big!

'Lighten up' guys!




In a message dated 3/19/01 4:32:05 AM Pacific Standard Time,
gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com writes:

> (fogs on in the
>  presecnce of fog excepted)
In most "Western" countries it is illegal to drive with your fog lights on
without fog. Most foglight drivers get my rear one flashing in there face
when they get behind me as long as no one is in front. The only thing I can
say is "Where is the fog or Is that your first set of fog lights." Sorry
don't mean to offend anyone.


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