[200q20v] [s-cars] to fog or not to fog...

linust at mindspring.com linust at mindspring.com
Wed Mar 21 12:53:51 EST 2001

gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com wrote:
> Despite my earlier diatribe I have no problem whatever with the
> appropriate use of fogs. Just please reduce your forward lighting 
> to a maximum of two lamps, either low-beams or fogs, whatever is 
> best given the conditions at hand, in the presence of oncoming 
> traffic, or when following another vehicle. When you are alone on 
> the road - go wild!

Beware that in the state of Washington (and likely many others) it is illegal to run with just fog lights after dark--low or high beam headlights are required, auxilary (fogs, driving) optional as appropriate.  Good way to signal a cop to give you a ticket.  BTDT 20 yrs ago.


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