[200q20v] [s-cars] to fog or not to fog...

Charles Baer charlie at istari.com
Wed Mar 21 13:20:28 EST 2001

linust at mindspring.com wrote:
> gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com wrote:
> >
> > Despite my earlier diatribe I have no problem whatever with the
> > appropriate use of fogs. Just please reduce your forward lighting
> > to a maximum of two lamps, either low-beams or fogs, whatever is
> > best given the conditions at hand, in the presence of oncoming
> > traffic, or when following another vehicle. When you are alone on
> > the road - go wild!
> Beware that in the state of Washington (and likely many others) it is illegal to run with just fog lights after dark--low or high beam headlights are required, auxilary (fogs, driving) optional as appropriate.  Good way to signal a cop to give you a ticket.  BTDT 20 yrs ago.
> --Linus
> ...snip...

I don't think I'll ever accuse the bureaucracy of being in synch with
One of the reasons for not having the mains on is the albedo of falling
snow or
fog can be enough to blind you when reflecting the low beams.

Anyway, the new kid is getting a rack RR today, it's new Bosch eyeballs
are waiting
for the weekend to go in.  Any recommendations for replacement fog units
?  The tiny
ones on it right now are nice and small, they actually look like what
Audi might have
used if they had been standard, unless you get close and see the

The Hella 550s are bigger than I think would look right, and the gruuuvy
little round
jobbies probably also would strike me as odd.  I have some old Bosch
units and a pair
of nickel Cibies, but they look too big as well.  Blau sent a flyer w/
the euros that
showed some oval units that might fit.  Any other suggestions ?


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