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Heck, I'm so paranoid, I've even resisted the EZ-Pass bandwagon, 
though I travel frequently on the NYS Thruway.

BTW, there's a paragraph in the msnbc.com story that I found 
especially interesting. It relates to my  frustration in trying to 
share the road with left-lane-hogging tractor-trailer rigs who swing 
out (left) and stay there while taking up to several miles in order 
to pass a fellow trucker. I know the truckers need to be particularly 
fuel-conscious, but I wonder if even now they are subject to 
penalties on the basis of some kind of rpm monitoring devices (aside 
from an ordinary tach). That could help explain why their motto seems 
to be "Death Before Acceleration".

>       "The Teamsters are concerned about how it's used and what kind 
>of data is collected," he said.
>        A U.S. Senate committee has already looked into how the black 
>boxes might be used to enforce "hours of service" rules that 
>regulate the number of consecutive hours a truck driver can remain 
>behind the wheel, he said.
>        What most concerns the union is if employers will use data 
>like the number of times a driver accelerated his vehicle and use 
>that information to discipline the trucker without considering the 
>conditions that led to the spike in RPMs, he added.


At 9:26 AM -0500 3/22/01, copley one wrote:
>Looks like the days of airplane like black boxes are coming to your car
>THE RECORDER, a four-inch square box that sits beneath the front seat,
>installed in about half of General Motors’ 1999 car models and almost
>its 2000 and 2001 cars, said Ellie Martin, a spokeswoman for the U.S.
>National Highway Safety Traffic Administration.
>          Kerr said the company’s $2,495 decoder has been used by police
>forces around the U.S., including the Massachusetts, Georgia and New
>state troopers and local police departments in San Jose and Thousand
>Calif. and Boon County, Ky., to name just a few.
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