[200q20v] Re: Not Centre Drive shaft bearing -maybe worse

Peter Golledge petergg at dimensional.com
Fri Mar 23 12:52:54 EST 2001

> So, the car goes up on the rack and Jack (the Audi Master Certified
> Tech.) says,
> "It's not the centre bearing that is making that sound you hear, and
> when it gets worse you will know it....it's the front CV joint on the
> drive shaft, and I've never seen one sold except attached to a
> re-manufactured drive shaft"
> So oh listers who know of secret parts bins....
> Does anyone know where I can find the front drive shaft CV joint for a
> 1991 200 tq?

I got one for my 89 200Q from Stammler Porsche-Audi for ~ $110, don't
know if the 20V cars use a different unit though.  You may get some BS
about "if you replace anything on the driveshaft it will be out of
balance" this was not my experience (YMMV). :-)

You will need the gaskets for both ends of the driveshaft (dealer ~$2)
and new bolts (Metric parts place or dealer).

You will most likely need a press to get the CV off the shaft...

Peter Golledge 

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