[200q20v] Not Centre Drive shaft bearing -maybe worse

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Fri Mar 23 19:28:54 EST 2001

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Subject: [200q20v] Not Centre Drive shaft bearing -maybe worse

> So, the car goes up on the rack and Jack (the Audi Master Certified
> Tech.) says,
> "It's not the centre bearing that is making that sound you hear, and
> when it gets worse you will know it....it's the front CV joint on the
> drive shaft, and I've never seen one sold except attached to a
> re-manufactured drive shaft"
> So oh listers who know of secret parts bins....
> Does anyone know where I can find the front drive shaft CV joint for a
> 1991 200 tq?
> PN:  715 312 018 402 0 Lobero 5098 - I think the Lobero is the real
> manufacturer -
> Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks
> --
> Regards,
> Peter Dowker
> 1991 200 tq.

BTDT on my '91 200 tq. Front CV makes a ringing noise in the prop shaft
under hard accelleration. Got the replacement for about $70 either from Blau
or TPC, sorry can't remember. A lot better than $800 for a new prop shaft!
Now I need a new U joint in my urq tho'. Anybody got a parts 4kq laying
around they want to sell the prop shaft off of?

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