[200q20v] Re: quattro not passing emissions.HELP!!!!

Bob mx at snet.net
Sat Mar 24 21:57:28 EST 2001

You know, Im having the same problem with my 16V scirocco. I finally
went to napa, bought a bottle of emissions helper. Its GUARENTEED to
make you pass emissions or double your money back. It was $6. I have yet
to try it, I just got it today...so Ill let you know how it works!

Tim Sidders wrote:

> Hi allI am having a bit of a dilemma..my 5kcsqt is not passing the
> emissions test! I took it to my mechanic and he told me that I need a
> new Cat! The test he said he performed is one with a laser temp
> tester, I am sceptical of this!  Supposedly he measured the temp of
> the front of the cat and the temp of the rear of the cat and he said,
> if working properly that it should vary 150 degees????I've never heard
> of a test like this and is it a valid one. I have known this guy and I
> trust him (somewhat) He is very busy and I wonder if he is just
> pawning me off to buy some of his valuable time. How does one find out
> if the cat is bad???Where can i find a good aftermarket one?? howmuch
> ?? Any help is really appreciated!! ThanksTim
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