[200q20v] Re: quattro not passing emissions.HELP!!!!

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 25 09:19:51 EST 2001

He's looking for a temperature increase across the cat, Tim. If the cat is
working, unburned hydrocarbons, CO, and NOx  from the engine burn in the
cat, increasing the exhaust temperature. The exhaust into the cat has to be
hot enough to kick off the reaction. I would think a temp increase test
would have to be done under specific conditions to be meaningful (hot
exhaust, engine under load, etc.). I don't know how much (if any) temp
increase you'd see at idle.

Fred Munro
'94 S4 128k km
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Subject: quattro not passing emissions.HELP!!!!

Hi all
I am having a bit of a dilemma..my 5kcsqt is not passing the emissions test!
I took it to my mechanic and he told me that I need a new Cat! The test he
said he performed is one with a laser temp tester, I am sceptical of this!

 Supposedly he measured the temp of the front of the cat and the temp of the
rear of the cat and he said, if working properly that it should vary 150
degees????I've never heard of a test like this and is it a valid one. I have
known this guy and I trust him (somewhat) He is very busy and I wonder if he
is just pawning me off to buy some of his valuable time.

How does one find out if the cat is bad???
Where can i find a good aftermarket one?? howmuch ??

Any help is really appreciated!!


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