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The S6 Avant we just acquired runs great, requires new suspension (as it did
when new), and is great except for one thing.  The clutch does not engage
until about the last two inches when it is released.  The clutch does not
slip in fifth gear when I do the usual test.  I get no clutch chatter.  I do
treat it very gently.  My mechanic said it is probably close to the end of
its life as it is probably the original clutch and this car has 56k on it.
I guess clutches are like brakes; life expectancy is pretty dependent on the
driving habit of the owner.

Any comments on this?

Next issue; my fiancee, for whom I purchased the car, has very short legs.
She is unable to depress the clutch pedal all the way to the floor and is,
pretty much, unable to drive the car.  Does anybody have any recommendations
on how to best deal with this?  A friend had the drivers seat on his 92 300E
moved forward a few inches for his (then) wife (4'11") and that took care of
it.  Are the pedals adjustable (on aston martins they are!)?  Anyone aware
of things that attach to pedals for just this purpose?

And last......a poster here recommended koni shocks and ABT springs as
opposed to Bilsteins.  Thoughts?  They cost quite a bit more and I've had
good luck with bilsteins on my mercedes, porsche, and my motorcycles over
the years.



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> Does anyone know if a tach from an 83 turbo 5000 would fit in the 89-91
> IC? No p/n, but the 83 has a 270 degree sweep, with 7k at 1 o'clock and 1k
> at about 6 o'clock. It has a built in boost gauge at the 3 o'clock
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