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Listen to your real Audi friends Tom.
A by-pass valve is only $45 even from Fathers and Sons in Springfield and it
will only take you 10 mins to change. It is a job you can do. If it does not
work, well you spent less than 1 hour's worth of dealer time.
And as for the dealer, well I like to think that bad ones will be hurting
the most when the economy tightens up.

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I'm frustrated and I need some advice on what I should do. Many of you know
my car was (and still is) experiencing a stalling problem. When I asked the
list about this, TURBO BYPASS VALVE was shouted from the rooftops.

Armed with this info, I said look, here is the problem, and here is a likely
solution. When I got the call back, I was told I needed the printed circuit
board, which as you know is not an inexpensive part. I agreed, because I
just can't be stalling out on major highways anymore. I asked again if the
bypass valve and hoses were inspected, I was told yes, they were fine.

Back in my car several hundred dollars later, the car stalls out on my way
home. I e-mail the dealer via Audi USA's website to the attention of the
person I was working with. Audi's site says "you will receive a response
within 24 hours". A week goes by, so I finally pick up the phone and call.
And call again. Finally, I get a call back.

The manager reads off what was done with the car. He gets to the stalling,
tells me about the TSB, and I tell him it did not work. He says ok, let's
bring the car back in and try something else. Well, my problem is I've just
spent a lot of money on a problem they failed to correct, so I ask what they
can do for me. They can look at the car and see what is wrong with it is
about the only response I got.

I plead for a loaner car this time, and am told flatly they don't have
loaners (yet when I'm there, why do I see people returning cars?) I go on
saying this is getting inconvenient for me and my wife, etc, but that didn't
seem to work either. Finally, I ask plainly if he can understand my
frustration of throwing all this money into the car without getting the
results. I am anwered with "I can understand you want your car fixed." At
this point, I am getting tired very quickly of this, and say "well I guess
you have me between a rock and a hard place", and my response is "OK, so
we'll see you on the 10th!"

Can you believe this crap? I am seriously tempted to just ditch the dealer,
and see my mechanic, who's worked on my other Audi and my MG. I trust him,
and god knows he wouldn't talk to me this way. When he makes a mistake, he
does not make me pay for it. It appeared from my end that the dealer made a
mistake, that I am paying for it, and will continue to pay until they
finally get it right.

It looks like I just answered my own question, but what would you guys do?

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