AW: [200q20v] Larger BBS rims

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Wed Mar 28 20:28:25 EST 2001

You can get one from your local Audi dealer. At least in Germany we had a
16" rim for the Audi V8. Part No. 441 601 025K colour code Z7P. Size is

There is also a 17" rim for the V8, unfortunately it has a totally different


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Crown Victoria as well...never found out what bolt pattern or offset.
Many BMW 540s and 740s have the same wheel in 16 inch.... I suspect
a better bet.

We need 16x7.5 or 16x8, with a 35 mm offset, 112x5 bolt pattern

And if you find a good source, let me know too...

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> I'd love to find a set of 16" 0r 17" rims that preserve the look of the
> OEM BBS wheels. I have noticed rims on a Lincoln Town Car and an older
> Infiniti Q45 that appear almost identical to the OEM's. Have any of you
> sussed this out??
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