[200q20v] Re: Dealer Problems

Derek Pulvino dpulvino at agraus.com
Wed Mar 28 10:51:02 EST 2001

I would agree with the fellow lister who suggests replacing the part yourself.  It would be easy and save you quiete a bit of time and money.  As far as the dealership, see if you can find someone else to work on your car; the only issue I see is who in the Seattle area who is capable of working on these cars in a much more than cut and paste style(it I remember correctly, you are from the Seattle are, and working with University).  I guess there's alway's Ned with IA, but Olympia is an hour and a half away.  If you do find someone who's a wiz with these cars in the area, let me know.  

Finally, as far as the dealership hurting when the economy slows, don't count on it.  If my University guess is correct, they are known as the flagship dealer for Audi's in the area, and are very busy.  So they can "afford" to mistreat those of us who don't and probably won't drive the brand new goods any time soon.  I agree, bad business, but hey, we got a lot of money needing to be spent up here in the PNW

Derek P   

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