AW: AW: [200q20v] Larger BBS rims

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Wed Mar 28 15:39:51 EST 2001

There's a photo of his car, including the wheels VERY up close and
(Danger Will Robinson!  Danger!  Large Files Ahead, choose alternate
if bandwidth-impaired!  Note that my directions as to which-pic-is-which
only applies to the larger image directory.)

Second row down, first two pictures.  The second shows a problem he was
having with a little wheel vs. caliper interaction.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the Borbet Type C; Greg Amy had 'em on his
grey 200q20v; aggressive, but understated and classy.  There are several
shots of him on+off the track along the bottom row of the first page.  The
last shot in the bunch is my personal favorite.

Just got back from riding shotgun on a test drive with Dan,
checking out the Sube WRX.  Nice little number; too bad I can't stand
looking at it for more than a minute or two without my head hurting; those
bug-eyes HAVE to go, and the rear is just...odd.


On Wed, 28 Mar 2001 C1J1Miller at wrote:

> Not what I'm interested in paying, anyways.
> Kinesis makes a nice wheel, forged, custom, similar pattern, for probably less than that.  Ask Brandon Hull... he's got a set on his ersatz S2, I believe.
> Chris
> In a message dated Wed, 28 Mar 2001  1:40:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Peer Oliver Schmidt" <pos at> writes:
> << That is about the price you pay over here (DEM 955,-- + VAT). Not that cheap
> is it?
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> Peer:  any idea on price over there?  I think someone looked in the USA, and
> bought the last couple in the parts warehouse; payed around $450 each, as I
> recall...
> Chris
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