AW: AW: [200q20v] Larger BBS rims

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Wed Mar 28 19:23:06 EST 2001

Brett:  those wheels are the same set of five that started on the dragon 
wagon, then off to Greg, then off to Paul...

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brett at writes:

> Aha...then you've really only seen two sets; Greg sold his wheels to Paul
>  :-)
>  Both Paul and I were staring at his car in a parking lot on the way up to
>  Mt. Washington, and we both sort of went "hmm..." and he said "damn, those
>  look nice on that car"(he had just bought both the car and the wheels.)
>  The rear was sitting a little low because of two kids and luggage.  The
>  best picture I've seen by far is the one Neil took for Greg, using a 35mm
>  camera, from a lead/chase car; some great work.
>  Do know what you're talking about with the bolt pattern.
>  Everyone I've talked to thinks they're classy yet aggressive, and they're
>  probably a piece of cake to clean.
>  Brett
>  PS:list might be down for a few hours due to maintenance; if you don't get
>  any email early this evening, don't panic :-)  It'll be minor, which is
>  why I'm not making a huge deal out of it.

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